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When your team needs to upload screenshots, manage localizations, optimize store listings, upload builds, submit apps, and more, AppManager has you covered.

The world’s best companies use AppManager to streamline their workflow.

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Get all your apps and information into one platform

Let your team work on one platform where they can be most efficient.

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iOS, tvOS, watchOS, and macOS apps

Google Play

Android and Android Instant apps

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Amazon Fire TV, Fire tablet, and mobile platforms



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Speed up your deployment times and shorten update cycles

Save time and money by getting your apps faster into the stores.

manual app management

with AppManager

AppManager users save an average of one developer hour per day per app. The more apps you have and the more updates you make the more time you save with AppManager

Use our calculator to check how much time and money you can save with AppManager.

Frictionless deployment with the push of a button

Reduce process errors and dependencies.

Simple setup

AppManager requires little to no setup. Simply connect with your existing store accounts to get all your apps into the AppManager platform.

Workflow control

We built AppManager with the deployment workflow in mind. AppManager guides your team through the process and reduces errors with intelligent checks and re-usable templates.

Team management

AppManager features a fine-grained role & user management that comes with all plans. We know how important it is to get your whole team on the same page, whether it’s five team members or five hundred.

Actionable insights

Getting a deeper understanding of your own workflow is hard. Getting reliable numbers is almost impossible. With AppManager you are able to aggregate data of your overall workflow and learn where you can still improve.

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Start automating your workflow with AppManager

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