Tired of wasting time uploading
screenshots, metadata, and app previews?

Upload hundreds of screenshots and metadata to iTunes Connect and Google Play with one click.

Save developer time

Simple app management

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Stay relevant to your users

Easy localisations

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What is Transporter?

Transporter is a web-based service to manage the screenshots and metadata of your apps in one central and comfortable place and upload them to the different app stores.

Transporter automates the upload process of marketing material to the stores as much as possible.

Save Time. Be Productive. Update Faster.

Transporter connected with App Stores

Have all your apps in one place

Manage all your apps from the different stores in one central place. Upload screenshots and metadata with one click and link Android and iOS apps to share common metadata.

Transporter time saving

Save time and be more productive

Transporter is made for scale and productivity: easily manage multiple accounts, hundreds of apps with many different localisations or thousands of screenshots.

Connected workflow

Be faster with a tool made for you

We built Transporter, because we were not happy with the existing tools for our own apps. Transporter is specifically tailored to the needs of submission, release and marketing managers. It’s fast and connects directly with your existing workflows.

How can Transporter help you?

Transporter for CTOs and CIOs


  • Save precious developer hours for each update
  • Standardize and streamline the app update process
  • Get high-level overview of all apps in one place
Transporter for Submission, QA and Release Managers

Submission Managers

  • Manage all your apps from different stores in one place
  • Accelerate your submission workflow while reducing room for errors
  • Keep your team, managers and developers up-to-date
Transporter for Developers


  • Easily let non-technical personnel upload screenshots and metadata
  • Streamline your workflow and get your apps faster into the stores
  • Integrates easily into existing workflows with zero setup
"Transporter helped me to save valuable time I can now spend developing and maintaining our apps. We have more than 27 different apps with up to 13 different localisations, which made updating and uploading screenshots and metadata quite a mess.

With Transporter I can now delegate the work to the people responsible for the content and send our designers and translators a link to upload it. I just need to press one button if everything is alright and it’s up in iTunes Connect."

Adam Orson Senior iOS Developer

Start managing your apps with Transporter

  • Save developer time

    Screenshot and metadata upload anyone can do

  • Smooth update process

    Clear process with helpful notification

  • One central platform

    Manage apps from different stores in one place

Zero setup Free for 14 days No credit card required