Version 0.7: Transporter - Major rework


Version 0.7 brings you a complete rework of the Transporter platform, which is faster, more reliable and ready for some huge feature additions in the weeks and months to come!

Version 0.6: Transporter Cloud Builder Beta


Version 0.6 adds a new amazing tool to Transporter, the Cloud Builder. Submit apps to the store with one click! Cloud Builder takes care of creating the app records, certificates, signing, building and uploading!

Version 0.5.2: Slack Bot Update


Version 0.5.2 brings big improvements to the App Status Bot, which reports changes to your apps' statuses.

How to save time when developing and maintaining apps


Join us today for an interview with Luke Konior, COO of mobile app development company All in Mobile (AIM). He’ll talk about the biggest hurdles of app development and answer some tough questions on how to save time when developing and especially maintaining your apps!

Version 0.5.1: Easier upload of iMessage screenshots


Version 0.5.1 adds the simple yet helpful option to re-use the same iOS screenshots for iMessage or sticker apps. Apple requires you to both upload screenshots for iOS as well as for iMessage.

Version 0.5: Transporter Soft Launch


Version 0.5 marks the (silent) end of our beta and opens the doors to a new chapter for Transporter. Everyone can now signup and test Transporter completely free for 14 days with no limits. We believe the best way to learn more about Tranporter is to experience how easy and fast managing apps can be.

Version 0.2.1: Improved screenshot upload


Version 0.2.1 brings improvements to the reliability and stability of the screenshot upload. We also introduced a new global overwrite for screenshots as well as estimate for the upload time.

Uploading an iOS App to the App Store


After months of working on your iOS app you're finally ready to put it on the App Store. You look up Apple's docs and find the iTunesConnect Developer's Guide. And you discover dozens of documents without any obvious 'do this to submit your app for review' checklist. In this series of posts we'll fix that. We'll help you wade through the docs and skip the screens that you don't need.

Version 0.2: Metadata and improved Interface


Version 0.2 is our biggest release yet adding support to edit and upload metadata in three different ways as well as a huge improvement to the user interface. This version also brings support for Mac and tvOS apps. You can now manage all of your App Store related text and media with Transporter.

Apple App Analytics 101


We’ve all been there: You just finished your app, uploaded it to iTunes Connect, maybe even got it through review. Now comes the moment of truth: will people actually download your app? It’s not a secret that the App Store is a crowded place. There’re more than 1.5 million apps on the App Store and there’re added more than 1000 new apps per day.

Version 0.1: Hello world, hello screenshots


Hello world, hello Transporter! We're happy to announce the launch of Transporter. Transporter takes the pain out of uploading and editing screenshots and metadata for apps on the App Store. Our first beta enables you to upload 100s of screenshots with a single click as well as the ability to let other people upload screenshots for your approval.

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