Tearing Down the App Store Page of EyeEm Learning from the best - App Store page teardown

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This week we are taking a look at how EyeEm – Photography performs on the App Store.

EyeEm is pronounced “I am.” From the name of the app, you may assume it is just another app for photography. You are partly correct. However, it is not merely a photo-taking app.

EyeEm app is not only an app for you to take and edit your images but a community and marketplace for you to share, interact with other photographers and even sell the license of your photos to leading brands, agencies and those who are looking for authentic images, such as Airbnb and Spotify, meaning that you can make money from the photos you create.  

The app is developed by EYEEM GmbH, who uses artificial intelligence to discover the best images and showcase those images to buyers all over the world, giving the image creators an opportunity an opportunity to make money with their talent.

“Turn your inspiration into money with EyeEm.”

– EyeEm – Photography

In the following paragraphs, we will present a brief overview of EyeEm on the App Store.

🔲 App icon

Their app icon, which consists of the background of beach imagery and their signature logo “the squared E,” is distinguishable and outstanding. The users can easily find the app either on the App Store and on the iOS devices if they have already downloaded it.

Source: EyeEm

📱 App title & Sub-title

The title of the app combines the company (EyeEm) and the keyword (Photography), allowing potential users to search and discover it on App Store easily.

The subtitle “Make money from your passion” makes the app distinguishable from other photography applications and allows the potential users to explicitly acknowledge that it is an app in which you can earn money from your passion and talent – photography.

📷 App Preview & Screenshots

The 30-second preview video, divided into three parts, gives the potential users a short but clear introduction and insight into the main features of this mobile application.

Furthermore, the five preview screenshots of the applications shown on iOS devices indeed inform users about the signature features of the app, allowing users to sell their best photos, learn from other photographers, and expose themselves and their works to the world.


Screenshots on the App Store, Source: EyeEm

📝 Description

Same to the preview and screenshots, by reading the description, the iOS users can easily acknowledge the key features of the app and how the users can benefit from the community.  

Moreover, the description is localized in all of the 19 languages the app offers. However, the translated description in some languages, such as Traditional Chinese, seems to be not so clear and structured enough that it may confuse the users.

🔧 Regular Update

According to the app’s version history, the latest updated version was released in December 2018.

The app has been being updated averagely once a month on the App Store, meaning that the company does aim at fixing the bugs and providing the users the best experience on the app.  

⭐️ Ratings & Reviews

The app has a total of nearly 1,600 reviews with an average rating of 4.8 out of 5 on the US App Store, indicating that users are generally satisfied with the performance of EyeEm.

Source: EyeEm

📍 Language

The app is available in English, French, German, Chinese (both traditional and simplified) and other 14 languages, targeting at the majority of the iOS users in the world.

📶 Size

The app is 155.4 MB. As Apple has implemented a limit of 150MB for the size of app downloads on cellular networks, the users will not be able to download until their iOS devices are connected to a Wi-Fi network.

Source: EyeEm



Generally, EyeEm has performed pretty well on the App Store. For example, the previews and screenshots section with its clean look and subtitles in each screenshot gives the potential users a clear understanding of how the app works.

Furthermore, EyeEm is offered in 19 languages, covering the top languages in the world. By doing so, the app has been able to gain the majority users of iOS devices.

However, there are still some small parts which EyeEm can improve on the App Store.


  1. The description and the sub-title in some languages could be better translated. For example, the German subtitle has the same meaning to its English one. However, the subtitle in Traditional Chinese merely means “Sell your photos.” rather than “Make money from your passion or hobby.” and this may make the subtitle not so compelling to the potential users.

App’s Title and Subtitle on the US App Store:

App’s Title and Subtitle on the Germany App Store:

App’s Title and Subtitle on the TW App Store:

  1. Even though EyeEm has been available in 19 languages, the development team could localize the app in more languages, such as Danish and Greek, to expose in more countries and to reach more iOS users.