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Apple App Analytics 101 (updated)

Understand App Analytics and use it the right way We updated this post to reflect the latest changes and additions to sources and more, so it’s still up-to-date! We’ve all been there: You just finished your app, uploaded it to App Store Connect, maybe even got it through review. Now comes the moment of truth: […]

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Optimize Your Screenshots For The App Store

Leaving the best possible first impression with your potential users The first impression of your app on the App Store counts. Recent data indicates that you have but 7 seconds to convince a user to purchase your app. Since about 75 percent of the app “screen estate” on the App Store is made up by your screenshots, […]

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5 Simple Tweaks To Boost Your Apps’ Visibility

Get more store visibility, more downloads and more customers Want to get more visibility and downloads for your apps? Looking for simple and actionable advice with immediate effect — and not in days or weeks to come? In this article, you’ll get 5 instantly implementable tweaks to gain more visibility for your apps. 1) Have a great […]

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How to save time when developing and maintaining apps

Interview with Luke Konior, COO of All in Mobile Join us today for an interview with Luke Konior, COO of mobile app development company All in Mobile (AIM). He’ll talk about the biggest hurdles of app development and answer some tough questions on how to save time when developing and especially maintaining your apps! What’s your general […]

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