8 Mistakes Made by QA when Releasing an App (and how to avoid them) Lessons learned by a QA manager

Testing is a crucial stage of every app development process. Product owners and managers rely on testers to make sure that the quality of the app/game is flawless. However, testers often make mistakes that result in negative reviews or app getting rejected. Here is the insight into those mistakes and how to avoid them.   […]

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App Portfolio | AppManager

How to Efficiently Manage a Portfolio of Apps

How many applications are in your portfolio? The answer to this question will have a direct impact on the productivity of your team and the efficiency of their workflow. That’s because, as your company continues to add more applications to your portfolio, it becomes difficult to manage them all. Miscommunications can happen easily as different […]

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Play Store Vs Apple Store | AppManager

App Store Optimization in 2018: Google Play vs. App Store

App store optimization is a constant battle. Right now, let’s explore some recent changes made in both the Google Play store and App Store’s policies, and the biggest differences between the two to help developers like you continue to thrive. Recent Changes Both the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store are in a […]

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Design Pitfalls | AppManager

The 4 Biggest Pitfalls in Your App Submission Process

The deployment of any app can always prove to be a difficult process, and when your app submission process doesn’t allow for the frictionless release of your new creation, it only makes your team’s work more difficult. Here are the biggest pitfalls found in the app submission process. #1 Are Different Teams Involved? Involving multiple […]

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