How to Efficiently Manage a Portfolio of Apps Improve your Workflow and Productivity

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How many applications are in your portfolio? The answer to this question will have a direct impact on the productivity of your team and the efficiency of their workflow.

That’s because, as your company continues to add more applications to your portfolio, it becomes difficult to manage them all. Miscommunications can happen easily as different team members work on different projects, and the entire development process can begin to slow down.

The Challenges of A Huge App Portfolio

Having lots of apps brings with it a number of challenges that will only grow more severe as you continue to add to your list of active applications.

From keeping your brand’s identity consistent across the board to simply keeping updates in sync, your company will also begin to experience issues with release management and app store optimization.

The solution? All of these problems can be solved by keeping track of your app portfolio online in a central interface that puts all of your apps and stores in one place. This makes for more transparent and efficient processes that allow you to make the most of every team member’s time.

Optimizing Portfolio Management

AppManager is dedicated to helping companies like yours easily manage all of their applications. It starts with the central, cloud-based interface that allows you to import every application from all of the different stores that you offer your apps through.

Get Everyone On The Same Page

The setup process is quick and easy because all you have to do is create your AppManager account and then connect it to whatever accounts you already have on the different app marketplaces. Your apps will be linked automatically for easy tracking. Once set up, you can get your entire team on the same page by creating different roles for every user who you want to gain access to your business’ AppManager dashboard. You can bring in one team member or one thousand–our platform will scale with your company.


Control Your Workflow

No more wondering if your team is procrastinating, lagging behind, or pulling out ahead. With AppManager, you will easily be able to track all of your business’workflows. Plus, the platform itself will help usher team members through the process while minimizing friction and making communication simple.


As AppManager guides the team through the process, it will enable your business to take advantage of re-usable templates and intelligent checks. In turn, you are going to see a massive reduction in error and delay that the development process is often subject to.

See The Numbers

As a business, you know that it all boils down to the numbers. Knowing how long it’s taking your team to deploy an application is essential to calculating your profit margins and how much stake you have invested in a particular application.

AppManager allows you to gain a deeper understanding of your team’s workflow with reliable numbers. In fact, AppManager’s design gives your company the unique opportunity to get factual numbers (not estimates) of how long it’s taking your team to move from one step to the next.


With that information, your team will be able to create an actionable strategy that will enable them to vastly improve their numbers. In turn, your company will continue to be able to get a leg-up over the competition, grow your profit margins, and reduce the time to deployment for future applications.

The Setup Is Simple

Getting started with AppManager is simple. Upon joining, you’ll get your first 14 days completely free to try everything out. During that time, you will have the chance to connect your app store accounts, import all your applications into the interface, and invite some key members to join the team and begin exploring.


Once you’re set up and ready to go (which only takes a matter of minutes), your team can begin working on the two core goals that AppManager will push you towards achieving: shortening update cycles and speeding up your deployment times.

The sooner you get your team working through AppManager, the sooner you can begin to reap the benefits. To calculate how much money we can save you, click here.

Start Saving Time Today

On average, our users see one developer save one hour per day, per app. That means if you have five apps, your developer will save an average of five hours per day compared to manual app management.

Not only will that saved time add up tremendously in favor of your team, but it will also have a powerful impact on your company’s bottom line as you continue to save hundreds or even thousands of dollars in a given week.

The more apps you have, the more time your team can save with the use of AppManager. Go ahead and give it a try for yourself, it’s free to start.