[Case Study] How We Cut Mobile App Release Cycles for a San Francisco-Based Software Startup by 50% In 4 Weeks Using Automated App Management

In this case study, you will learn...

  • How you get a crystal-clear overview of your app management process
  • How to manage all your apps across different platforms and stores in one central place
  • How to drastically increase the productivity when deploying and managing apps
  • How we scaled this process to hundreds or thousands of apps

Over 240 App Releases per Month and Counting.


Before began working with they were manually managing and publishing hundreds of apps for their clients committing a lot of human capacities.

After Gonative signed up with AppManager, they were able to reduce their publishing times by more than 50% and free up their team members.

"The AppManager team is highly capable and can flexibly and productively work into our own processes and workflows. A+ all around!"

- John, CEO & Founder

John Snyder

Before: manually

After: using automation

When we started, it took us almost one day to update our apps, having 12 different languages, 8 different screenshot sizes and 3 different app preview sizes. With more than 25 apps in our portfolio, this was a lot of headache and a huge waste of time.

Since using the AppManager platform, we were able to translate the apps into even more languages (30) and use more specialized assets while it only takes us 1 hour to update an app. Most of that time, we can do something else.




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